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Horrorshow Hoods


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Show Reviews

No vinyl can do this group justice.

On this page I'll include reviews of the shows I've seen by this band, both recently and in years past. I'll also include reviews that others send me.

This place has been dead for over a month.....I just did some general maintenance to the site today. Check out the new mini poll on the News page.

Show w/the Briefs and Creepy Kids
Hairy Marys

This was a good show. It was the first time they came to the stage as a true four piece and really tore up the bar. The guys pretty much let the crowd dictate the set list by taking requests the entire show. They impressed us all by doing their new song, Spit On Your Grave, perfectly.

Monday, March 25th
Hairy Marys
2307 University, Des Moines, IA

This show started out great but unfortunatly was over before..............

March 2 2002
Des Moines Botanical Center
909 East River Drive, Des Moines

This show was by far the best Horrorshow Hoods show I have ever seen and I attribute their successful show to the fact that they were back in make up!! The crowd was full of energy and ready for everything the band threw at them. All I could see was an ocean of people bouncing and moving with crowd surfers on top. They played a great set that started with Horrorshow and ended with the crowd pleaser Brains. I coaxed them into playing one of my favorites, KFC, in the middle of the show.
Jimmy tore apart his Gretsch while the crowd closed in on him as Richie just became part of the crowd. Billy once again looked like "Billy Bloodbath" (with his whole face covered in blood) beat his drums into submission and Eddie did the same to his Dog House Bass. Rudy gave us all he could out of his horn and with mics breakin' all around the stage he had to blow harder than usual because Richie needed his to finish the show!

Friday Jan 25th 2002
The Coliseum
20 W. State St., Marshalltown, IA

This show did not go exactly as the Hoods dreamed it would while they slept the night before. They experienced one technical difficulty after another. In my opinion it all started when the decided not to wear makeup, then Jimmy's amp blew up then Richie's mic(and teeth) broke then........well you get the idea.
I will say that M-Town has a pretty good scene. There was a good turn out and the crowd seemed to really be into the Hood's home cookin'.

Friday, December 28th
Christmas Massacre Show
Hairy Marys
2307 University, Des Moines, IA

This was a hit show. The pit was flexin' and the blood and sweat was flyin'. We got a guest appearance from Johnny Homicide who was home from Cali. The Hoods gave us a great rendition of their now classic Dead Hood Dancehall and did a rockin' version of one of my favorites.......KFC!

Upcoming Shows

Tuesday, May 21st

Show w/the Rolemodels and Blank Skeme
Hairy Marys
2307 University, Des Moines, IA
All ages, 5-9pm

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