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Here's a chance for you to contribute.

What I love about the web is the opportunity to share my thoughts and passions with others. But I also like to hear what others think and to exchange ideas.

On this page, I'll share some of the comments I've received in my Guestbook and via e-mail. In some cases, I may also respond to the comments. Please get in touch!


Dawn Nelson wrote via email-
>Greetings from sunny Florida...
>Just checked out your site and was wondering where I
>might find some of your music??? I dig psychobilly,
>rockabilly, old punk, etc. I just LOVE the NEKROMANTIX
>and TIGER ARMY too - RAWR!
>Also wondering why you don't have any HOT
>psychobilly/rockabilly pin-up gals all over your
>site... Are you fellas battin' for the other team or
>what? :-)

My response:

Hey, its great to see some fresh meat is checking out the site! Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. The band is just finishing up mastering the CD and it should be released in late summer. I will try to get you some MP3's if you are interested in checking more of the music out. I wish I could have done more with the site but it is a Tripod(template) format so I am restricted. Nothing would be hotter than having pinup girls all over the least it held your attention long enough to send a message. Trust me, The Hoods are all battin' for the home team!
So what is the music scene like in Florida?


H B writes via the guestbook
"it was nice meeting ty. he seems like a cool guy. i good bye."

My response
It was nice to meet you too. The Botan was a zoo. I can't wait to to see you at the next show...woo hoo!

Jimmy writes via guestbook:
"How the hell does this site get all the up-to-date info? It's like they know what we're gonna do before we do. That's creepy..."

My response:
First of all, it is great to hear from one of the Hoods on this site!!! Now to answer your question Jimmy, it's my job to dig deep for any info I can provide to the fans. I have great sources that I tap regularly for info. If you have anything that I can use let me know.

From Scottie Ruin via the guest book:

"yeah. so you should update this lousy site, asshole!!! i mean, c'mon! it's updated about as often as the 'official' hsh site."

My response:
OK you Fuck-Stick, now I have been pretty damn busy the past couple weeks so BACK OFF. I spent a little time today updating and in the next day or so I will get the pics from the M-Town show up.

Killbot856 wrote in via guestbook:
You know, I bet that they were really flattered when they found out they had a fan site. They probably thought one of them teenage chicks was gushin' over em so much they couldn't resist. I bet this site is really made by some creepy balding married guy.
But hey, it's a good site for a great band.
like jimmy kill says, Stay Cool.

My Response:
Thanks for the compliment on the site but I resent that creepy balding married guy remark.

HB wrote via guest book:
"lookin good!! i don't think there are enough pics of the drummer though...he's a hottie!"

My response:
Thanks for the compliment on the site. Billy (the drummer), is hard to capture on film due to his location on stage, I will do my best to get some shots of him in M-Town. Keep checkin' back for a good shot of this so-called "hottie".